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Veijo Heiskanen

AddressRue de Ia Mairie 35, PO Box 6569, 1211 Geneva 6, Switzerland

Phone(+41) 58 105 20 00
Fax(+41) 58 105 20 60
Education– LL.B., 1983; LL.Lic., 1985 the University of Helsinki
– LL.M., and a Doctorate of Juridical Science
– S.J.D., from Harvard law School (1988 and 1992)
Bar Admission
Work ExperienceVeijo Heiskanen specializes in international arbitration, including investment arbitration, and in public international law. He has acted as counsel and arbitrator in numerous international arbitration proceedings under the rules of the ICC, ICSID, WIPO, UNCITRAL, Swiss Chambers, SCC, Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration – CRCICA, and various national chambers of commerce. His experience as counsel includes representing governments and foreign investors in many state-investor disputes in the energy, infrastructure and mining sectors, as well as in gas pricing and construction arbitrations. He has also been acting for many years as arbitrator in both commercial and investment arbitrations, including as presiding arbitrator in several disputes arising out of complex commercial and real estate developments, energy, construction and infrastructure projects, as well as in several high-value gas pricing and intellectual property disputes. He is a member of several panels of arbitrators, including ICSID, ICDR Energy Arbitrators List and Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration (SCIA}, and of numerous professional associations, including IBA, ILA, American Society of International Law, LCIA, IAI, ASA and Finnish Arbitration Association.

Veijo Heiskanen also has extensive experience as adviser and arbitrator in international claims proceedings, including in the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal, the United Nations Compensation Commission, the German Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future”, the Claims Resolution Tribunal for Dormant Accounts in Switzerland, the UN Kosovo Property Claims Commission and the Eritrea-Ethiopia Claims Tribunal. He acted as an expert to the Arbitration Commission for Former Yugoslavia (1993).

Present Position– Adjunct Professor, University of Lausanne International arbitration 2009 ~ University of Helsinki, International Law 1998
– Professor, Hague Academy of International Law 2002
Past positions
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LanguagesFinnish, English, French, Swedish, German