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Project Description

Louis Degos

Address8, place d’lena Paris France Postcode: 75116
Phone(+33) 155 73 40 00
Education– “CAPA” (professional legal qualification)
– EFB Pars (Barrister Training College of the Paris Court of Appel)
– “DESS” ( postgraduate degree) Law and Dispute Resolution: Litigation, Arbitration and ADR, Paris University 2-Pantheon Assas (under prof. serge GUINCHARD and prof. Philippe FOUCHARD) (Top of the year)
– “DEA” (postgraduate degree) Philosophy of law, Paris University 2- Pantheaon Assas (under Prof. Francois TERRE) (Top of the year)
– “Maitrise” (degree) in general private law, Paris University 2- Pantheon Assas.
Bar AdmissionParis
Work ExperienceArbitration and ADR law, French and International Private law, International Commercial law and Foreign Investment; Commercial Law, Law of Obligation and Special Contracts, including: sale of goods, IT services, machine tools, transfers of undertakings); commercial contracts (construction, consultancy or audit projects, JVs); company law (Partnership/shareholder agreements, company statutes, get out clauses, Rep & War, dispute resolution clauses); Telecom (Interco, Roaming, satellite), IT communications; Franchising and Agency law (industrial franchises with transfer of Know how, rights of use/transfer of intellectual property, clientbase, trademark etc), commercial Agency with or without representation/exclusivity; shipping, transportation of goods and individuals (maritime and air), intermediary and commissioner; Oil & Gas, mining, Energy; Industrial matters (engineering, manufacturing technologies, products liability/damages..).procedural law: Civil (inspired) Law (in Maghreb countries, Eastern Europe, French speaking Africa Speaking Africa, Middle East), Knowledge of Swiss Federal Law of Obligations, Common Law System, and “Sharia” law in Moslem countries.
Present PositionAvocate à la cour; Partner, Eversheds Paris, Litigation & Arbitration; Secretary General of the French Committe on Arbitration; Co-President of International Arbitration Institute (IAI), the London court of International Arbitration (LCIA), the French Arbitration Association (AFA), the Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA)
Past positions
Publications– “La consecration de l’arbitrage en tant que justice international autonome”, Le Dalloz no.21, 29 mai 2008 P.1429
– “L’evolution du droit dans l’entreprise-le juridique face aux defis de l’economie “, La Tribune, 16 avril 2008, p.24
– “Quel resultant pour l’honoraire de resultant en erbitrage? “, in petites Affiches (oct 2007)
– “La Recusacion con base en opiniones previas del arbitro.? Hemos abierto la caja de pandora”?, in Arbitraje International Tensiones actuales, Legis, 2007, p. 273
– “Civil Liability of Arbitrators : New Inroadson the Arbitrator’s Immunity fom suit- a worrying or welcome development?” , Stockholm International Arbitration Report, 2006 #1, p.149
– “Strategie du contentieux: l’arbitrage constitue-t-il une bonne solution?, Option Finance, mai 2005, pp 39-41
– “La percee de l’arbitrage dans la justice administrative : le contentieux du contrat de partenariat “, Decideurs Strategie Finance & Droit, 15 mars- 15 avril 2005, pp 94-95
“Arbitration in a European Context”. Rvista Brasiliera de Arbitragem 36 (July- Aug 2003)
– “La cour de cassation consacre l’autonomie de la clause compromissoire enarbitrage interne” Le Dalloz no.17, 24 April 2003 p.1117
“The new provision of French laW relating to the arbitration clause” RDAI/ Int’l Bus. Law J., 2001. 653 (bilingual edition)
– “La clause compromissoire rehabilitee”, Gaz. Pal., 13-14 June 2001, Doctrine,p.6
– “Mediation et equite”, Rev. Jur. Comm., no.6, 2001, p.147, with B. Moreau, conference delivered on 4 December 2000 to the Paris Commercial Court
– “Arbitrage interne et international: unification des conditions de la competence du juge des referes pour accorder une provision?” Revue de l’arbitrage, 1998.673
“Hronique de jurisprudence francaise, Revue de l’arbitrage, 1997.583; Contributor to “Revue de l’arbitrage” (Arbitration Review)
– Responsible for electronic version of the Arbitration Review (distributed on CD Rom by Kluwer Law International); Teacher on the training course for arbitrators at the Paris Centre for Mediation and Arbitration (CMAP) OF THE ICC
LanguagesEnglish, French, Spanish (knowledge)