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Project Description

Homayoon Arfazadeh

Address9 RUE MASOT, GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, Postcode: 1206
Phone(+41) 22 702 15 15
NationalityIranian, Swiss
Education– Institute HEL Geneva, PhD. in international law, Summa Cum Laude 2004
– New York University School of law, 2001- 2002
– New York University, LL.M. 2001; Swiss National Research Fund (FNRS), Bern, 1990-91; University of Geneva School of Law, Geneva, 1987
Bar AdmissionGeneva Bar, 1995; New York Bar, 2002
Work Experience-Python Schifferli Peter, Geneva, Switzerland, Attorney at Law: 1993- Present
-Acted as Arbitrator, Counsel and Expert in 39 international arbitrations, including: Lead Counsel for the Claimant in a multi billion dollar interstate oil arbitration regarding construction and exploitation of a pipeline, tanker fleet and marketing of crude oil; lead counsel in America’s Cuo Arbitration acting for claimant against the America’s Cup syndicate, Alinghi and its Principles; Co-counsel for claimant in the 15 billion dollar divorce between Anderson Consulting (Accenture) and Arthur Anderson leading to the break up of “Anderson Worldwide Organization” and its consequences; Counsel in a hundred million dollar dispute over annual sales-purchase contracts o crude oil between a National Producer Company and a consortium of National Importers; Lead Counsel in a complex construction dispute acting on behalf of promoter against contractor; Other major cases involve Ad-Hoc, ICC Paris, KLRCA Kuala Lumpur, CIETAC China, CCI Geneva and Zurich concerning gas-oil, foreign investment, construction projects, sale-of-goods, consultancy, agency, negotiable instruments, R&D and joint ventures (List of cases on request). Fields of expertise: dispute resolution, conflict of Laws, Public international law, Islamic law, constitutional law, international human rights and international criminal law.
-Other cases: appeals before the Swiss Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights, including the successful annulment of the Geneva Bar Exam by the Swiss Supreme Court in 1998; amicus curiae on behalf of UNICEF before Seriae Leone Crimes Tribunal; Domestic cases in criminal and civil law; pleadings and expert opinions before the U.S. Court of Appeals and the Federal District Courts; and counsel in contracts, banking, real estate and inheritance dispute in Iran, WTO/UNCTAD International Trade Centre, Geneva, Switzerland Consultant: Drafter of Model Law.
Present Positionpython Schifferli Peter, Geneva, Switzerland, Attorney at law:1993- present
Past positions
– Order Public et Arbitrage International à l’Epreuve de la Mondialisation. Une theorie critique des source du droit des relations transnationales, Bruylant (Bruxelles), LGDG (Paris), Schulthess (Zurich), 2005, 352 Pages.
Articles and other publications:
– In the shadow of the “unruly horse”: International Arbitration and the public policy exception, in American Review of International Arbitration, 2004 special edition, 50th anniversary of the Institute of Judicial Administration of New York University, pp. 43 ff
– Draft Model Enactment (Model Law) On NATIONAL EXPORT COUNCIL, including article by article commentary and recommendations concerning by-laws, International Trade Centre, WTO/UNCTAD Executive Forum, Montreux, September 2004
– Israel’s Best Bet: True Justice or International law?., in SWISS REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL AND EUROPEAN LAW (RSDIE), Fall 2002, No. 4, pp. 479 ff
– Considerations pragmatiques sur la competence respective de l’Arbitre et du Juge en matiere des contrats de corruption, in BULLETIN OF THE SWISS ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION, 2001, No.4, pp.672 ff
– Arbitrability under the 1958 New York Convention: the lex fori revisited, in ARBITRATION INTERNATIONAL (Journal of the Lodon Court of International Arbitration) vol. 17, No.1, 2001, pp. 73 ff
– Actionnariat responsible et etat de droit international, dans Ateliers Pour la pratique du droit international public et du droit international humanitaire, Institut Henry Dunant, Geneva, April 1998, AUDIO, ED
– Costs under UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules And their Adaptation to an Institutional Setting, in SWISS ARBITRATION ASSOCITION CONFERENCE PAPERS, Zurich, JAN. 1997
– Judge de’appui et for de necessite, in BULLETIN OF THE SWISS ARBITARTION ASSOCIATION, 1996,No. 2, pp. 325 ff (see commentary on this article by professor Pierre Lalive in BULLETIN OF THE SWISS ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION), 2002, No. 3, pp. 555-556
– L’ordre public du find et l’annulation de sentences arbitrales internationals en Suisse. In REVUE SUISSE DE DROIT INTERNATIONAL ET DE DROIT UROPEEN, 1995, PP. 245 FF
– Settlement of international trade disputes in south East Asia and Delocalised Arbitration in Kuala Lumpur, in JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION, JIA, Vol.8, No. 4, p. 104. December 1991
– Law Region and Family in the Islamic Republic of Iran; An Introduction, in IRAN SEMINAR- DANISH AND NORDIC REFUGEE COUNCILS, IN COOPERATION WITH THE UNHCR REGIONAL OFFICE, Copenhagen, November 1991
– Development Arrested by Law? Globalisation, Culture and choice in a Legal Gridlock, Work in progress; draft available on request
LanguagesFrench, English and Persian